Lara De Santis: everything that I do, I do with passion

Lara de Santis studied high school and has other studies. She is a porn star, showgirl, and model.

She is a woman born on October 1, 1978 in Bucharest, Romania; she’s 5’5” tall, has blond hair and blue eyes, and is forty-two years old.

I am very easy going and open-minded person, not very exhibitionist but I feel very comfortable with my body and free to express my sexuality.

What does being a woman means for you? Sweetness, elegance, delicacy, sensuality in everyday life and nasty and little slut in bed.

I was born In Romania, Bucharest and living there until 19, then I went to Japan 1 year and a half.

I felt in love of that country form the first moment, I felt like  I was born in that place and belonged there. Was a fantastic experience for me. At 2002 I came to Italy, where I actually living. 

Knowing that what I do makes happy so many people, my movies, my pictures are seeing of so many people and are appreciate is really inspiring and stimulates me to do more and more things for all my dear fans and make them happy every day.

I like to try new thinks, found my limit and try to over pass it. I had many achievements through all this years of porn and I hope to have more and more.

Every scene that I do is a real achievement because I put a lot of passion I everything I do, and want to be perfect.

As I said, everything that I do, I do with passion and dedication so try to do may best for creating quality stuff and be an inspiration for others people.

What do you think about platforms like OnlyFans, that let you have a direct income and working as an independent creator and offer exclusive content? A nice opportunity for all performers to do their owns content, especially during the quarantine was really a great thing.

Current projects: actually, me and my husband, we have our studio, inside Legal Porno, so we create our scene and soon we planning a trip to Prague to start a new project that including more actors and new scenes.

My usually day is: house working, gym, hanging around with my husband and friends. I have also a pet, a ferret, so I like to spend as much time as possible with it.

Your experience during 2020 quarantine due COVID-19: I have to be honest, at the first 2 weeks I really enjoyed staying home.

I did a lot of sports, house working, a lot of content for onlyfans so I did boring.

Of course, the situation was stressing for everyone and thinking at al that people that died was really sad.

I try to keep me always busy doing something stimulating for my body and mind to preserve my health.

I always had passion of the gym. Since I was very young, I like to go to the gym but also to do workout at home or outdoor. I love to listen music and meditate.

Lately I “play” a little bit writing some stuff but is only a test for me, I want to see if I could be good of it.

Someday I wish I could be a writer or a designer. I also like to drawing but I have to learn of course. 

Watching animals playing, peoples laughing, nice comic movies, knowing that my family and friends doing good, having love in my life…that’s makes me happy.

I don’t get angry a lot. I hate when I see people doing bad things to others, animals or themselves. I think life is a gift and is up to us how do we live it.

We can choose between good and bad. I really don’t understand why someone could chose bad and living in the dark when they can choose the light and be happy!

Future: I would like to continue with porn for a while, do more interesting stuff and maybe get to a next level, as producers.

But then, I will like to change, giving up at porn and start a new chapter of my life, perhaps try to write a book start my own business, who knows.

A quote that talks about you, it can be with your own words: living the life day by day, accept the past, living the present and don’t worry about the future. Everything we need will come to us at the perfect time.

What’s the story of your xxx actress/model/showgirl name? At the beginning of my career when I didn’t have yet my stage name, I was watching a movie where a nice Italian lawyer had this name: De Santis.

I just liked and inspire me somehow. I already used Lara so I only put them together. I thought is a nice and original name for a pornstar.

What you value the most? The true and loyalty.

How would you like to be remembered? as good and kind person, loved by everyone. 

Things that you like

Drinks: all natural fruit juice.

Cities/places: many…

Food: Italian’s food and sushi.

Colors: I don’t have… Depends for what.

Music: all.

Movies: Lucifer.

Books: Osho’s books. 





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