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Mistress Niki Flux: to me being a Domme is intrinsically subversive

Mistress Niki Flux is a trans Dominatrix that did some camming and modelling.

Studies: Graduate Arts degree.

Before transitioning I was a web/software developer and whilst there’s beauty in code, the type of stress that came with that type of work I don’t handle very well, and ultimately the work was damaging me, both physically and mentally and I’d had various meltdowns along the way as a result.

Transition was an opportunity for a change and to make positive choices about my life so as well as becoming someone I actually wanted to be, so I seized the moment and switched to doing something I actually «chose» rather than just what I’d happened to slip into and that people would pay me the most for.

Since then I’ve mostly been camming and doing some in-person Domme sessions, but with a little coding on the side – it turned out that even sexwork relied on having good IT infrastructure, websites etc and as well as running my own sites I help a few other Dommes out with web stuff…so in the end there was no escape from the computers, but at least now my clients are hot, she says. 😉

Niki has 35 years forever. She has hazel eyes, bleached blonde hair. Her height is 5’9″ and around 6’2″ in heels.

I’m pretty full-on/intense generally. Whatever I’m doing I tend to go at it pretty hard, whether that’s Domme stuff, tech stuff, relationships/love or riding.

The meaning of your work: I started off doing regular camming, so more getting naked, solo shows and a bit of modelling.

The camming stuff got kinda samey and dull for me pretty quickly though and whilst I loved the modelling the kind of arty shoots I liked didn’t really do anything for me moneywise.

Also I’d planned to have SRS/GCS and I knew that pre-op trans girls tended to be more «desirable» to my target market, so I needed a plan if i was to survive in the business.

Time to evolve (again). I’d always been fairly dominant anyway and I found that what I’d been kinda experimenting with privately with my partner had a name…so it was quite an easy shift for me and I found the work much more interesting and varied.

I love interesting and unusual kinks and far more often than expected I ended up with the role of «therapist», and I really liked that.

People also seemed to be happy to confide in me, perhaps moreso than they would a therapist because there was no judgement, plus I don’t think you normally get to see your therapist’s tits.

Having some unusual and kinda extreme kinks of my own as well as having gone through the transition process, both of which can be extremely isolating experiences.

I found I was able to help people accept and explore things about themselves which they’d struggled with or found shameful, particularly to do with gender/attraction, etc.

That felt like I was actually helping people evolve and grow, and (in a way) changing people’s lives for the better.

That was kinda unexpected but ended up being one of my favourite things about the work…as well as all the wild kinky BDSM play of course. 😉

I guess I kinda answered above re the favourite things. As for challenges… I think I might have ADHD/bipolar/autism (idk exactly which/combination but I seem to sit somewhere in between those 3) so I can be a bit ‘up and down’ and don’t really have an «off switch».

Whilst normally I tend to keep to myself when I’m down, with camming etc you often don’t have that luxury.

Being in such a «public facing» role can be difficult since if you’re not feeling it that day, it shows, but you still gotta eat so you gotta earn, which can (and did) lead to some rather problematic coping mechanisms. A different type of stress than coding, but no less real.

Inspiration: I guess I’m mostly inspired by all the other fabulous Dommes I see. I don’t really know of any other field where women are so celebrated for being so diverse and different.

No matter what your «unique thing» or how weird or unusual that thing is, it seems to be about owning it and doubling down on that, and I find there’s immense beauty and strength in that. For me personally that seems to be a good thing to strive for.

With «regular porn» (including more vanilla camming) I feel like you tend to have quite a short shelf-life and then you’re no longer «desirable», but I love how Dommes come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, genders and ages and temperaments, and they’re all fucking fabulous.

They also seem to improve with age like a fine wine rather than being cast aside for not conforming to some arbitrary narrow aesthetic.

To me being a Domme is intrinsically subversive as far as traditional gender/societal roles and power structures go so the «rebellious» bit is sorta baked into the idea from the outset, and that really fits well with my nature.

How do you feel about your work achievements? I don’t tend to really recognise my successes as much as I should so I’m not really sure how to answer that.

The way I was brought up didn’t really allow much time to enjoy/celebrate the wins, it was just a case of moving onto the next challenge.

That’s kind of a messed up way to be but I guess it’s a survival mechanism so I understand how it came about, but it’s a really difficult thing to unlearn.

I don’t really feel particularly successful at the moment and idk if I ever will, so I guess I just try to enjoy things fully as they happen since it can all be gone in the blink of an eye anyway.

Your mind when you’re on a Domme session: just the session – hyper-focus (a typical ADHD trait). So on the one hand I’m having fun but at the same time it’s deadly serious since quite often you literally have a sub’s life in your hands, particularly with any sort of edgeplay – intox, breathplay, needles, etc.

But even more common stuff like bondage can cause permanent injury or death if done wrong…so I’m constantly monitoring the body language and vital signs of my sub as well as trying to maintain a flow for the session and give my sub (and myself) the best experience possible.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have a bunch of «rock star sex» memories which will stay with me forever. I’m trying to give my subs similar memories that they’ll remember equally fondly for the rest of their lives.

A few years back I had an «aha» moment and switched my approach up a bit so rather than just bossing my subs about and not really being sure whether they were having a good time or not, I went for more of a collaborative approach – a bit more like a «kink co-conspirator».

I’d still be in a dominant role in a scene but I found that being more open and collaborative gave me much better feedback as to what the sub was experiencing and overall we all ended up having way more fun.

I guess that sort of evolution only comes with experience and confidence, but since then I’ve never looked back.

Your experience during COVID time, and your current projects: the last few years have been pretty fucked up for me.

In 2018 my best friend got diagnosed with a brain tumour over the course of the next year got increasingly sick and then died. I’d never lost anyone so close to me before and it really messed me up.

He was such a big personality and was a big part of my life and I just couldn’t get past it, and so I kinda lost myself for a while.

Then a number of other people I was close to also died in quite a short space of time which just compounded the issues I was already struggling with and that wiped me out for about 18 months.

That left me with a pretty unhealthy death obsession and kinda fucked-up outlook, as well as work, life, everything in shambles (mostly from my own neglect).

I don’t really even know what happened in that time and I just about got back on my feet and got back into camming and Domme work and things were going great and then covid hit.

Pretty much overnight, my work wasn’t viable anymore since on cam it relied on people having privacy, which with everyone at home in lockdowns wasn’t a thing anymore.

Post-op trans is already a pretty small niche within a niche so I was kinda precariously placed and covid tipped the balance sharply against me.

My partner also has some health issues so I couldn’t really do in person work without putting her health at risk or spending all my time in quarantine, and I was already struggling with the isolation so that wasn’t really an option.

Thankfully I’d been doing a bit of coding work on the side already and just as camming fell apart for me I was very fortunate in being able to pivot to that and expand it into something I could live off, which is what I’ve been doing the last couple of years.

Even though I’d not really been active in sexwork during that time I still hosted and helped manage/run few adult sites for other Dommes/camgirls and so ended up working on building tools to allow sexworkers to use Bitcoin and stuff like that (e.g. woocommerce bitcoin gateway, bitcoin-pay-me etc, jitsi-based camming) in an effort to get away from the increasingly invasive KYC requirements of clip sites and camming platforms, which I disagree with vehemently (because they don’t work).

Thankfully, recently things have stabilised a bit and I’ve been able to think more about what’s «good» for me and nourishes my mind and soul, rather than just «surviving».

Part of that was realising that I need my subs but they also need me, so have recently resumed Domme work, albeit on a limited basis as I still have my part-time day-job and that’s working pretty well so I’m not trying to mess up that balance.

A day in your life: my days/weeks are actually pretty structured and mostly follow a routine at the moment.

I work 3 days a week coding, spend a couple of days in my workshop working on my motorbikes or out riding, and then cam and play with my subs and/or do music stuff at the weekend.

With all the chaos recently the routine has been good for me has kept me anchored, and kinda for the first time in my life what I have to do in a week mostly actually fits into a week, rather than forever being «in deficit» time-wise as I was before.

Those days are all pretty different though – so coding days are basically just sitting in a dark room typing numbers into a laptop, ‘bike days’ I’m either building stuff or working on my bikes/engines in the workshop, or out riding.

The weekends tend to be a bit more what you’d expect with fun, crazy cam sessions, and general kinky debauchery, and the occasional in-person session.

Your 2022 expectations: throughout all of the chaos my core subs have stayed with me, which is awesome, so even at the worst of times there’s always been some interaction there, but not as many in-person sessions as I’d like. I’m hoping to change that this year.

I’ve never really been a «high protocol» Domme, though I’m starting to see the value of that now, and it’s something I’d like to explore more too.

Beyond that I guess I’m just trying to keep things stable and stay alive,

I don’t really have «hobbies» – more like I have «obsessions». The things I do I’m super into and learn everything about and don’t really care about anything but those things.

So as well as my partner (obviously), I guess my main thing is I’m nuts about motorbikes. Motorbikes are my main mode of transport and I ride both street and dirt, with a focus on technical riding (hillclimb/trials/stunt).

I do all the work on my bikes myself, rebuild & modify engines and tune them, and do the occasional track days too. Riding is life and racing is life++ so that’s definitely something I ‘d like to do more of.

I love the idea of doing a stunt routine in full latex but I’m still very much a noob with that side of things so it’ll be a while till that has any hope of becoming a reality.

Also music… before transition I used to DJ and was always interested in techno/dance music/production, and whilst I already had a couple of drum machines and synths I’d never really got to where I wanted to be with them.

Then when my friend died he left me a couple of awesome rare synths, and sorta as a way of honouring him I figured I’d try and do something with them.

With lockdown, music provided a really good escape for when I couldn’t go riding, and it also turned out to be something which seems to be really good for my head, so I ended up getting really into it.

Then I happened to get invited to do a live set on an internet radio station and much to my amazement that seemed to be pretty well received and they had me back a few times and it just sorta went from there.

Again, the stuff I make is quite «niche».. tending towards what most people would consider «godawful noise» but I’ve always liked hard techno/schranz as well as more arty/noise-based stuff like Nic Endo.

I do this for me so I don’t really give a flying fuck whether anyone else likes it or not.

I mean it’s cool when they do and it was a very different experience to have people saying nice things about my sounds rather than just getting noise complaints, but I’m doing it either way. It’s like with riding.. I ride for me, other people’s opinions on the subject don’t really matter.

Turn ons: being made to feel valued, generosity, intelligence and a creative/devious mind are all huge turn-ons. I also like people who live deliberately and own their shit.

So for example one thing I like about trans women is that they had to *create* themselves, quite deliberately.

You don’t transition by accident –  it takes a lot of pain, time and money to become who you want to be and for someone to live so *deliberately* hard like that can be a huge turn-on.

Tattoos are another one, particularly blackwork – I love that someone is so committed to an idea/aesthetic that they permanently decorate their body with it, it’s just hot af.

I’d love to get tattoos, and I love needles & artwork so it should be a perfect match but I just haven’t found what I want yet.

Plus, I feel like I’m always finding myself changing and evolving so being so fixed to one idea is something I struggle with conceptually. Perhaps that’s why I find it hot when someone *can* do that.

Turn-offs: rudeness, body hair.

Something that makes you happy/something that makes you angry: happy: My partner (who is literally the nicest person I’ve ever met), a good Domme session, riding, music.. all the stuff we’ve covered really.

Angry: intolerance and bigotry… all the assholes debating my right to exist or obsessing over which bathroom I use. Like just let people be who they are and fuck who they wanna fuck and mind your own damn business.

I also have zero tolerance for people who lie. We’re all a little fucked up one way or another, and that’s ok, but own it and be real.

Future: the whole death obsession thing kinda messed with my view of the future so I don’t really make «plans» anymore.

I’m just trying to enjoy the present, love those I’m close to, try to learn from my mistakes and do better, be better, but also try to accept who I am, flaws and all, and be ok with that.

A quote that talks about you, it can be with your words: «be the change you want to see in the world»

Which I take to mean «don’t just complain about the thing..get involved and be part of the solution». Easy to say, more difficult to practice.

The story of your Domme name: «Niki» is just a shortened version of «Nikita» from «La Femme Nikita» whose chaotic and defiant energy I found very relatable, and «Flux» was borrowed from Aeon Flux, whose whole style and aesthetic I love too.

It also seemed particularly appropriate to me because I seem to be constantly changing and evolving. Whilst normally people have a «stage name», «Niki» kinda stuck for me and I ended up taking it as my real name when I transitioned legally.

Maybe not the smartest move from an opsec perspective but it goes towards the whole «I am who I am» thing.

What you value the most? I guess at its root – freedom. There’s a lot of aspects of my life that I don’t really have any control over, so those few moments of pure freedom – be that in a session, with my partner, or on a bike are kinda what I live for.

Be remembered: that’s an interesting one and something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently as part of trying to unpack the whole death fixation thing.

I don’t/can’t have kids, nor do I want them but that did leave me wondering what trace of me will be left once I’m gone, which let’s face it, as a transgender sexworker, motorbike stunt-rider with potentially undiagnosed mental health issues, puts me in a pretty extreme risk group. Honestly I’m amazed I’m still here.

The best conclusion I’ve reached is that we live on through our actions and the people and lives we’ve touched..so whilst I don’t really see myself being «remembered» particularly…

In the bigger scheme of things I’m nobody… but I guess I’d like to think that I’d be remembered as a good friend and partner/Mistress, oh and hot, definitely (somewhat) hot, lol .;)

Things that you enjoy

Drinks: champagne/cava/sparkling wine, whatever you want to call it.

I’m not that fancy with it – if it’s got bubbles and gets you tipsy I’m good 🙂 I used to enjoy red wine too but I have some stomach issues now and red wine doesn’t jive with that.

Cities/places: a couple of my favourite places are a couple of places in the lake district, as well as a small island in the Greek cyclades…beyond that.. just being on the road literally anywhere, on the way to.. doesn’t matter where really.

Just on the way to somewhere. I’d love to ride across a desert. Idk why but I’m drawn to vast open uninhabited spaces like that, probably because I’ve spent the last couple of years pretty much locked in a box.

Food: nothing beats a perfectly cooked fillet steak & chips. 😉

Colors: black and pink for clothing. I also very much like metallic blue on bikes/cars and have a fascination with polished metal surfaces.

Fetish and pleasure: latex, pvc, bondage, breathplay, intox, control…and just *women* in general… preferably all of the above at once.

I have a different relationship with subs (I only have male subs) – I love them dearly and can’t quite explain it but I guess there the pleasure is based on their actions and dedication/servitude & character rather than a physical attraction like with women.

Music: normally I’d mostly listen to hard techno/schranz and acid techno like Dave Clarke, DJ Rush, Daniela Haverbeck, Liberator DJs. Also classic & minimal techno like Hardfloor, Ritchie Hawtin, Jeff Mills etc.

I listen to a fair bit of hiphop/rap etc too. Cadalack Ron is one of my all-time favourites and I’ve been listening to one particular mix of his pretty much on loop for the last couple of years – idk why but somehow it seemed to help me deal with all the darkness when I didn’t have the energy or mindset for the high energy stuff.

Flavors: pussy. Mmm…also the smell/taste of 2-stroke exhaust, the acrid taste of a pure weed spliff.

Movies: Crash, The Salton Sea, Archer (series).

Characters (fiction & historical): Trinity, Molly Millions, The Magnetic Dog Sisters, literally any chicks in latex/PVC, preferably on motorbikes for the *swoon*.

Books: Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Neuromancer, Stephen King’s Gunslinger Series, Four Stroke Performance Tuning

Fashion: latex, PVC boots, corsets, fishnet, Racing leathers. Does anything else even matter? 😉


Twitter: @nflux1

Fetlife profile

Pornhub: nikiflux

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